Luxurious Log Homes

Timber Block is proud to present its series of Luxurious Log Homes. Offering many plans in four different series, Timber Block has proved itself to make the dreams of log home lovers come true. Timber Block log homes have built Luxurious log homes of all styles, and in all locations. Timber Block Insulated Log Homes are the most gorgeous log homes, and the degree of quality matches their beauty. With extensive care taken on every single log of each home, all Timber Block homes are completely unique to the home owner. Luxurious log homes by Timber Block begins with the perfect floor plan.

Luxurious Log Homes
Tahoe home model / 3 381 sq. ft.

Their customers have several stock plans to choose from – which can be built exactly as is, or modified. But also, because Timber Block does offer the most luxurious log homes, they do offer full custom as well, and can build from any idea or dream the homeowner may have! Timber Block has several architects on staff that are with the homeowner every step of the way. Once the floor plan has been perfected, the fun begins.

While the homeowner is busy working on getting their foundation ready, Timber Block is busy in the factory. Each log is insulated, sanded and stained. The logs are then stacked and bonded together under 6000 pounds of pressure. A thru bolt is placed every 24 inches in each panel. The window areas are cut out and prepared for an easy on-site installation. In just a few weeks, Luxurious Log Homes by Timber Block delivers the panels to the build site. In less than a day, all the walls of the home will be up. The home will be able to be weather tight in just a few days after that.

Luxurious Log Homes by Timber Block homeowners will be able to enjoy their beautiful home more than 2 months sooner than most traditionally built homes.

Timber Block builds homes in four series – Classic, Vintage, Ranch, and Contemporary. All Timber Block Luxurious Log Homes have R-30 wall insulation – this, together with a superior thermal envelope results in a highly energy efficient home.

For more information or view recent models please visit Timberblock official website : Log Home

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